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Our extra virgin "IL CASTELLO" olive oil is extracted solely from olives picked by hand during October – November. After these olives have been picked they are transported to the mill and processed within 24 hours. First they are ventilated and rinsed, so as to separate the olives from foreign bodies such as leaves and twigs and then they are sent to the press where the olives are crushed with disc crushers.

The resulting paste passes to the kneading stage or is reshuffled to facilitate the extraction of the oil, this operation is performed for about 15 minutes at a temperature of no more than 25 degrees.

The kneaded paste is then sent to the decanter in which, with the addition of a small percentage of water and by centrifugal force, the oil is extracted.

This produces a juice called mosto which is composed of Oil and vegetable juice. The mosto then undergoes a final separation that separates the oil from the water and other impurities. The oil produced is then preserved until it is bottled in stainless steel kegs at a temperature of 15-17 degrees, hermetically sealed and placed under nitrogen.

The product protected in this way preserves its high quality and organoleptic uniqueness and specificity, preserving unaltered the freshness, goodness, aroma, fragrance and taste of old.

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